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Here you will find a sampling of news and announcements from EPION.

EPION Spotlight on… Cannabis Education: Niagara Region Mental Health EPI

The Niagara Region Mental Health (NRMH) EPI program is developing education around substance-induced psychosis ahead of legalization, targeted to staff, clients, families, and primary care. In anticipation of increased referrals related to substance use, this initiative aims to increase client awareness and harm reduction, and to support clinicians, families, and primary care to better understand and communicate potential risks associated with cannabis use in young people. (more…)

EPION Spotlight on… Cannabis Education: Heads Up!

The Heads Up! Program recently received a Knowledge Award from Kingston Health Sciences Centre for their knowledge translation activities on the topic of cannabis and psychosis. Presentations have been made in high-schools, post-secondary institutions and in the media. The program’s cannabis education activities provide young people with information about the risks of cannabis use, sparking an important dialogue across the province. (more…)