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Before you begin, please let us know if you are completing this assessment as a client or a clinician on behalf of a client.


Begin the cardiometabolic risk assessment here. Please go through each of the sections and complete to the best of your knowledge. If there is information you don’t have, you can start a follow-up list so you can that you can use the next time you see a member of you care team.

Remember, for each section, you can also include healthy lifestyle goals and add personal calendar reminders to follow up! The goals you add in this section will be automatically populated on the next page that focuses on your goals, after you complete this part of the assessment.

If you refresh the page or leave and come back, all the information you have included here will reset and you will have to enter it again. This is to protect your privacy.

Danger Zone

For all patients in the Danger Zone:

The primary care provider and psychiatrist will work together to ensure appropriate monitoring and interventions are provided and communicated to avoid over or under monitoring. The primary care provider will usually lead on supervising the provision of physical health interventions. The psychiatrist will usually lead on decisions to significantly change antipsychotic medicines.