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Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Programs in Ontario Are:

Intended For

People experiencing symptoms of psychosis, as well as their family members. Programs will assess services for people outside these age ranges on an individual basis.

Supported By

Coordinated teams of healthcare professionals with different specialties and expertise related to psychosis.

Designed and Delivered

According to a set of provincial standards, determined by the Ministry of Health.

What Will Happen If I Contact An EPI Provider?


Individuals referred for a comprehensive assessment are contacted by telephone within 72 hours of being referred, and an initial meeting is offered within two weeks. Clients will be made aware of crisis and other services, which they can use pending their first appointment.

When you phone a local program, someone will try to understand your situation and answer any questions that you have.

Depending on where you live, the person might speak either English or French.

They might ask you some basic follow-up questions, like how you are currently feeling, what prompted you to call, and if you currently have any supports (or had any in the past). They will work with you to help you figure out next steps.


When possible, programs use assertive outreach to actively engage your loved ones. They do their best to work in the person’s own environment (at home, a café, or park, for example).

The Mental Health Act guides some aspects of psychiatric assessment in Ontario. Learn about legal considerations when supporting a loved one who does not want help.

Accessing Services

Download the printable information sheet:

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Referrals are welcome from anyone, including: self-referrals, families, doctors, and community partners.

Other Available Supports 

Telehealth Ontario

(Wait times vary)


Free, confidential health advice provided by a registered nurse.

Kids Help Phone

(Support for kids, teens and young adults)


Free, confidential e-mental health and other counselling provided through text, phone, live chat and Facebook Messenger.

Distress Lines

Distress lines and mobile crisis response teams: operated by various agencies

Outside of Ontario

A list of programs worldwide can be found at iepa.org.au/services